Phone number information +1 202 596 6498, 2025966498

United States
District of Columbia
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2018-05-28 07:46

Did you find a missed call from +1 202 596 6498 or 2025966498? Maybe you know who are calling from those phone numbers? Please share you information! If someone who are calling from those numbers wanted to trick you, annoyingly offered theirs services, ordinary evening did not gave a peace by phone calls – please share your experience and any information you have with all of us.


Dean — 3 months ago

I called the second number im like why is the government giving me money, he said you got picked. How do you guys know my zip code his like we are the government we knoe everything.

Monique — 3 months ago

I got the same call. Original number was 800-111-2026 and 800-111-2025 callback was 202-596-6498. They wanted to direct deposit to my bank or credit card or pick up at a store to which I requested that they mail a check. They insisted on electronic deposit. Gave them bogus personal info and never called the callback number. Glad to see my instincts were right about a scam.

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