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Did you find a missed call from +1 202 747 9969 or 2027479969? Maybe you know who are calling from those phone numbers? Please share you information! If someone who are calling from those numbers wanted to trick you, annoyingly offered theirs services, ordinary evening did not gave a peace by phone calls – please share your experience and any information you have with all of us.


Pooja Shah Krishna — 4 days ago

I received an email from a Andrew Wilson (Paralegal, Legal Affairs, US Higher Education Commission, Contact: +1(202)747-9969, Website:, Email:
I have no idea in what regards is this, but they have been calling my office continuously and harassing about some documents. As stated by the previous person, they have. atypical American accent, but you can very well make out that it is fake. Last time they called, I asked for a call back number, he just hung up, that is when I realized that this is fake.
How do we stop this?

Living IN GCC — 2 months ago

I just got a call from 12027479969. The person who called me said he is a federal agent with agent number ...... . He said lawrence University is being investigated, and my name is in the investigation list. I think he was going to try to sell me another university some California university to get my transcripts valuated. So I was going to be asked to pay more money for this fake deal after losing about $2,000 with Lawrence. I didn`t want to keep the conversation with the gentleman so I hanged up. i blocked him up The question I had in my mind was that this person had a very strict accent, probable not an american so when did American government start hiring federal agents with strict accent doing investigation over people in the States.This is not likely. He is A fake person consider himself is A Fedral person From Department of Education

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