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Did you find a missed call from +1 214 222 8888 or 2142228888? Maybe you know who are calling from those phone numbers? Please share you information! If someone who are calling from those numbers wanted to trick you, annoyingly offered theirs services, ordinary evening did not gave a peace by phone calls – please share your experience and any information you have with all of us.


Sharon Robinson — 2 months ago

I just got a call from a man, 3/7/2018, telling me every time I log onto my computer, Hackers are trying to get my information. He said he can fixed the problem for a small fee. I told him I would buy me a new computer, if he is calling me and hung up my cell phone while he was still running his mouth.
Evil is always looming around peoples lives.

Huntress — 3 months ago

The man on the phone tried to get me to edit my firewall settings. I knew it was a scam so I told him the option it was giving me was not to let him f****** scam me.

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