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Did you find a missed call from +1 419 279 8003 or 4192798003? Maybe you know who are calling from those phone numbers? Please share you information! If someone who are calling from those numbers wanted to trick you, annoyingly offered theirs services, ordinary evening did not gave a peace by phone calls – please share your experience and any information you have with all of us.


Ana — 2 months ago

Fake job posting for Sunrise Home Health Services of America Inc. in Garland, TX. Received email and text stating job filled and is for a Personal assistant position for Luedecke Group Realtors from a Gayle Stevens, which seems fake as well.

Suzie — 3 months ago

I also received fake job offer from Gayle Stevens at info@draggon oil .com!

Applicant — 3 months ago

Fake job posting for Dragon Oil Company in Texas. Fake website (

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