4 Great telephone tools for businesses

It is a fact – most business interactions and more and more deals get closed over the phone. Whether it be a sale, a meeting arrangement, client feedback gathering or proactive communication, the telephone is an integral and inseparable part of lots of businesses’ success. In this article, we will list four individual telephone and calling tools which commercial entities can find useful!

Reverse phone lookup online

This is an excellent option for fraud and scam prevention. Especially with financial institutions and businesses that have international clients, caller verification is essential. Even though banks or government institutions in most countries have their own identification process. These facts could steer you in the direction of finding your own ways to ensure caller identification.

Use a free online tool for maximum security. The tool is oriented for both private and commercial clients, so the vast public databases can help you determine who is calling and whether their intentions are genuine or not. Since phone fraud amasses to a couple of billion USD worldwide yearly, do not be a part of these statistics. Use a phone lookup service from anywhere in the world.

SMS sender

If you have more than 100 connections (works with even smaller numbers also), sending individual SMS messages can be a significant difficulty. However, purchasing access to an SMS sender will help optimise meeting planning, newsfeed distribution and will boost audience reach. Most of these tools are reasonably simple.

Someone on a computer enters a message you need to send and adds a certain number of intended recipients. The service provider’s server then distributes the news and sends it out individually. Instead of spending countless hours, all it takes is a few minutes.

VoIP (IP telephony) network

International calls are expensive. They can also have delays, or you could run into cellular network ‘Black holes’ where connection is weak. There is a great solution – IP telephony. It is a method of communication where the internet connection is used rather than the cellular network.

International calls cost much less, and the quality is usually much better. Video feeds are also much more fluent.

Cloud databases

Client relationship management, connection databases, order and project status as well as outsourced tasks could benefit from a cloud database. However, for this, let’s focus on a cloud database for contacts from your and your employees’ phones. There could be hundreds, thousands or in larger companies even millions of unique connections. Archiving them creates a considerable risk while a cloud database is usually safer or could be a perfect backup.

You could store information about potential clients and their status to boost sales, improve brand awareness, attract investors, etc. Cloud database is like the next-gen archive which you can implement today!