Best apps & sites to use for more mobile phone privacy

In today’s world, your privacy is a significant and usually neglected thing. While big companies and financial institutions are trying to obtain your personal information through clever advertising and legal loopholes, there are a plethora of things you can do to improve your own security. The simplest area where improvements can be made is your mobile phone. Here are a few apps and sites you can use for more mobile phone privacy.


After the well-known and documented scandal with Edward Snowden and the NSA, people took it upon themselves to protect from illegal government spying. However, many trials of big online companies have proved that businesses do not genuinely care about one individuals’ privacy. Tech giants like Facebook sold sensitive and precious information to third-party software without your consent.

Even though posts or photos associated with your person cannot be altered or hidden as such, you can protect your identity while browsing, scrolling, watching videos etc. For this cause, you are going to need VPN or a ‘Virtual Private Network’. This software redirects your internet connection, and for the data gatherers make it look like the site visitor, video downloader or new forum member is coming from an entirely different location.

In many ways, this protects both your privacy and acts in your best interest.

Reverse phone lookup sites

While the smartphone revolution helped people embrace mobile browsing, picture and video taking, calls are still a crucial part of any phone. Both businesses and private individuals have to deal with many phone calls during the day. With such a vast stream of information being shared around the world every day, it is simple to fall victim to phone scammers and fraudsters.

They obtain your personal info through hacking, criminal activities or other channels. After getting it, they contact you with the intent to lure out money or additional personal info. Only your own actions can protect you. Use free reverse phone number lookup online on These free tools allow a transparent, straightforward and trouble-free check of the caller. By entering his, hers or their number you instantly see who called and whether other people had a positive or negative experience. Don’t forget to contribute with your own experiences as well.

Password management

This tool helps shoot two birds with one stone. In essence, it enables you to ease your mind from the strenuous task of remembering and writing down numerous passwords for various services. A person can remember 10, 20 or 30 login details if they are really dedicated towards it, but since security and privacy experts recommend having unique passwords for different sites, you should remove yourself from the exhausting duty of not forgetting.

Password management apps, plugins for your browser or sites on the web can store your passwords for you. You do not need to do any remembering. Enter it once or twice, and you will log in every time!

Call recording software

For your own privacy and comfort sake, record your calls. Chances are you will never ever go back to check the recordings. Nevertheless, in case of emergency or unwelcome contact, you will always have proof of scams, frauds, intimidating calls, etc.

This is very efficient when dealing with criminals and can help law enforcement as well as the judicial system to get a better understanding of what exactly took place. Do not forget that your carrier has to record your calls and keep the records for a certain amount of time, but after that or in case of financial disputes, it is best if you have a recording of your own.