Essential things to know about reverse phone lookup

Chances are, you have heard some stuff about reverse phone lookup.

It’s a service. The primary orientation of this service is to prevent phone fraud and help the callee identify the caller. However, even if online or software-based reverse phone lookup is familiar to you somewhat, you may not know the whole ins and outs which help optimise the usage and implement it into your daily work or life.

So, without further ado, here are a few basic tips, tricks and things to know about online reverse caller lookup.

It can be free

This is a point worth noting, specifically for businesses. The standard practices revolve around the idea that services for businesses cost a lot. Everything has to be charged and/or taxed. With regards to telephone database and telephone security services, carriers, databases and outsourced call centres charge a fortune for their services. Even smaller offices can end up spending upwards of 2 or 3 thousand USD for a service which is essentially free.

Online reverse phone lookup is the absolute opposite of the regular norm.

You can go to sites like and check out who is calling you for free.Train your employees to make them familiar with how it works. It is really simple!

It works globally

In today’s world, international, intercontinental and global connections are widespread. Calls for you can come from all over the place, not being limited on domestic phone connections alone. Even though some potential or current clients might be contacting you from abroad, international calls are also the most prominent method for telephone scammers to lure away money or carry out their evil intentions.

You have to be extra careful when it comes to international call recognition. If you are not familiar with the number and it seems sketchy, wait for it to stop ringing and look up the number online with a phone lookup tool. Enter the number of the caller and see the comments from people who previously searched for the same caller before you.

You can see comments from others

We touched on this at the end of the last paragraph.

Online reverse phone lookup databases are only partially built by the web developers and creators.

The more important part – details and experiences are shared by the community. Every time a new user looks up a phone number online, whether it be a lookup from Seattle, WA, Melbourne in Australia, Paris in France or Beijing, China, a global community responds and shares their experiences.

On whocallingyou, we have over 35 million active monthly users who check a number at least once. Most of them, whether it be a positive or an unfavourable experience after the call – share their thoughts and insights/recommendations. This way scammers and fraudsters have little room to breathe while you and your business can remain profitable without any delays.

You can help others protect themselves

The community aspect works both ways. You can benefit and learn from others as well as others should be entitled to the knowledge you have. If one of your employees or you, yourself experienced a scam, a sketchy proposal or an offer which is too good to be true – write a comment, share your familiarity with a particular caller.

These experiences do not have to be very extensive; you could just share a few words to help others stay away from danger.

All in all, reverse phone lookup online is a fruitful addition to your practice or daily life.

It is free; you can reverse lookup numbers from Spain, the UK, the US and rest of the globe and the community helps keep you safe. Also, you can do the same for them. Sharing experiences is a crucial part of making it work!