Genuine or scam: know who is calling you

The problem with unknown callers, private or hidden numbers is usually simple. Before you answer and listen, there is no way of telling whether the call is genuine or if someone is trying to fraud you. However, there are certain tools which could help you know and before taking the call, you could be made aware about the person or organisation behind the call.

First up – expand your addresses

This point is short because it emphasises simple networking and social skills. If you do not have an outstanding photographic memory, always add contacts who you do business or connect with. Not only your loved ones should be added. Sometimes you could miss an important call from someone you know. And that is simply because you are afraid to answer to an unknown number.

Next up – check the phone number

Services like whocallingyou provide the service of reverse phone lookup. People can enter the phone number which tried contacting them and find out more about it. Things like who does it belong to, where is the caller located and etc. will be available to you thanks to reverse phone tracking services.

People share information and their experiences with a particular caller. The checking could happen simultaneously while you are receiving the call. Open the website, enter the number, look at the comments. You might instantly be aware and know that the call you are getting comes from your telephone service provider or whether the person at the other end has evil intentions.

If you are contacted by an unknown number which has no reviews on you prefferred reverse phone lookup site – share your experience. Help other people avoid scams and fraud! The checking is free and takes no more than a few seconds of your time. Reverse phone lookup is free around the world. Does not matter if you are located in Czechia or the United States.

Ask questions – do not hesitate

If you are contacted by an unknown service provider or an unknown person, never hesitate to ask the proper question:

In addition, you are always entitled to request that your number be deleted from the database of an unwanted caller. Except with financial service providers and government offices, commercial subjects are not permitted to hold your personal data without your consent.

Furthermore, you could yourself block the caller.

Blocking – the final piece of the puzzle

Call blocking is the simplest, quickest and probably the most efficient way of dealing with unknown calls. If you have proof that they are scams, fraudulent or suspicious calls – do not dwindle and block the caller instantly! Your mobile phone has an integrated blocking function but you could also check online for help or seek assistance from your mobile phone service providers.Besides, there are mobile applications that can block caller ID’s. Check them out on App Store for iOS, Google Play Store for Android and other stores with regards to other devices.

All in all

To separate whether the caller has genuine intentions is quite tricky. You must answer to definitely know what the caller is up to. However, doing a free reverse phone lookup in 2019 can help a lot. By seeing what other people came across by answering the phone to a particular number you can be better prepared to avoid fraud. Block the caller if necessary and don’t forget to ask how they got your number.