How to avoid being scammed over a telephone

Telephone fraud accounts for many billions of dollars’ worth of losses over a year. Both private individuals and businesses fall to the trickery and mischievousness of scammers and lose their personal data, money, etc. Most of these incidents can be avoided with more awareness towards answering phone calls and an established caller verification process. is here to help you set that up!

Two-step authentication

This method has been embraced by seemingly every business and service provider all around the world. Two-step verification is possible for both individuals and businesses, even though the latter have used it more frequently.

If your organisation is involved in decision-making and deals with financial matters over the phone – you must have two or multi-step verification. There are affordable outsourced or third-party applications your business can implement, including Google Authenticator, etc.

Individuals can develop their own methodology, following the same outlines. If your caller passes the verification process, you can proceed.

Setting up a face-to-face meeting

A telephone fraudster won’t be able to cheat in a real-world encounter. For most important deals and high-value arrangements or serious decisions, it can be best to set up a face-to-face for further clarification. Trust us; it will not make you seem suspicious. If anything, this cautious approach only adds confidence in your end.

Calling back after reverse phone lookup

If a caller seems pushy, edgy and/or urges for a decision to be made right now (specifically with regards to financial matters), you should be cautious. With doubts about the credibility of the caller, tell them you are going to get back to them right away and hang up to clarify.

Use free online reverse phone lookup or phone number search through the company’s database and Google to get info on the background of the caller. has an extensive database with millions of phone numbers and millions of users. Each of the latter can and does contribute to the ever-expanding review list on callers. It is a straightforward service. You enter the number of the caller and get an immediate response. The site will display information about the location of the caller as well as other details.

Millions of users add comments on callers, and if the caller is a scammer, you will likely know it instantly after performing reverse phone number search. It works both ways, so if you have any useful information that can help other people – share it with them.

Lastly, do not forget to browse the database of your organisation. It can contain useful info and will help prevent fraud as well as unjustified suspicions.

Video call

Just as the face-to-face meeting, the video call has tons of advantages that can help your cause. Once again, a fake caller and a scammer will try to avoid a direct confrontation with you while a genuine caller and contact will not shy away from a video call.

We hope this short guide helped you out and in turn prevent any serious financial losses, data breaches or unwanted situations.