How to improve your call centre operation?

If you are a business that sells products or services, you likely have a call centre or an outsourced service provider that does your job for you. In this article, we focus on the former and will give out tips on how to improve in-house call centre operation. There are actually tricks and techniques you can use that will likely bump up sales across the board. So, what are those tips and how can you improve your call centre operation?

Refine a script

Scripts are not a joke. They are common across all sales teams in large, medium-sized and even small companies. Since call centre representatives are mostly unfamiliar with your product, they cannot give the ins and outs of technical nuances over the phone. This is why you need a script.

Hire a copywriter with specialisation in sales scripts or do it yourself. Beware! The script will be used by everyone in your call centre, so it should be as polished, as possible. This will also help turn around potential clients into real, paying customers.

Nevertheless, a call centre could also provide customer support and not just procure sales. In this case, a refined script will help boost reputation and customer perception.

Add supervisors to your sales team

Excellent management is critical for an efficient sales team. The person who heads or overlooks the sales department or a group of sellers/call centre representatives has to have certain qualities. They have to be skilled salespeople themselves and have to have a way of communicating with the people below them.

These are the qualities of a manager that you should seek out. Supervisors will eliminate or suppress bottlenecks to a minimum, and they can create a micro-ecosystem in a team and have tremendous results while also chipping in with social and not financial benefits to your organisation.

Ensure fraud prevention

Not disregarding different dangers, you have to ensure that your call centre is prepared to fight off potential phone scammers. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Make sure client or supplier identification is regulated, your representatives know how invoicing works and instruct them on actions with possible cases of adversity.

A smart and reasonably affordable way – integrating phone number lookup.

If a call seems suspicious or something just does not add up, your employees can merely enter the number on By taking one simple step, you can potentially protect your business from thousands of dollars (if not millions) worth of losses.

Hire motivators

Once again, if your call centre representatives are salespeople, motivate them!One of the most notable aspects of good sellers is their motivation to sell. They are persistent, goals and numbers-oriented and proactive in communicating. However, almost anyone can represent these same qualities.

Motivators are a great way of providing a boost of energy to your call centre employees.