How to lookup a phone number for free in 2019

If you are receiving a call from an unknown number, think twice before answering. There are tens, hundreds or even thousands of stories about unsuspecting people getting scammed or tricked into giving their money away. This is not something out of a fairy tale. It is believed that every week, close to 150 thousand people are targeted and receive calls from phone scammers. Only your wit, awareness and a specific tool can help you out. The tool is called “a reverse phone lookup”.

Simple knowledge helps a lot

For starters, you can get familiarised with the phone codes for various countries. Know your domestic call code, numbers for neighbouring countries, ones where your friends or relatives might be residing in and others which you could come in contact with. Moreover, it is worth to get to know at least a few country codes for nations with the most scammers. These are:

Additionally, you can *69 anyone who called you. This is a simple combination you can enter into your Numpad on the phone and press call, to contact the last number which tries to get in touch.

Free check is not available everywhere

Nevertheless, the most effective way to prevent and protect yourselves from fraud and scam via phones is to do a reverse phone lookup. Knowing precisely who called you and whose number is the one ringing, you are crucial factors. To perform a reverse phone lookup, you need to find a proper service provider. Such sites as should be your aim. Free and easy to use should be your standard.

Not all sites provide free lookup services like

You could end up paying for a service which is initially free of charge and very accessible.

Don’t forget to share your knowledge

The reverse phone lookup service is based on the sharing of knowledge.

People have to share information about specific callers to make this service as useful as possible. If you get a call, answer it and understand that this is a fraudster calling, trying to steal something – immediately add a comment about the number in question on the phone lookup site. Other people could be saved by your insights or experience.

Sites like are trusted by lots of people. Anyone on the entire globe can join the 35 million monthly users to make sure they feel safe when answering the phone.

Things you can do with a free reverse phone lookup

Want to know exactly how a reverse phone lookup works, and how can it benefit you? Here are the four most important benefits:

The information age of the 21st century allows us to share and observe much information. Besides being entitled to various great commodities and services, we have to feel socially responsible to share our knowledge about threats with others. If you face the danger of being scammed via phone, always add a comment on reverse phone lookup sites. That could help one, two or possibly thousands of people. Now isn’t that an excellent way to make the world a safer place?