Stay safe and protected from prank callers and spammers

A lot of people have been complaining about how they are receiving many calls from unknown numbers, asking questions or spamming them with offers which seem suspicious. The calls may be regarding your bank details, credit card details or the caller may claim to be speaking on behalf of some renowned overseas company offering you their expensive products for free, by just asking you to pay for the customs.

One has to be careful in such situations and confirm these details with the company helpline. Many services help identify these kinds of persons by comparing their numbers from various databases and bringing out their identities to you. Using such a feature, you can always find out whose number is this.

The caller identification becomes easy if one calls from a registered mobile number. It becomes troublesome and annoying when the person speaking on the opposite side is an automated voice. These are IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) that use telephony system to collect user data and gather their information. The reverse phone lookup service allows you to identify the caller along with their name, address, and location. This helps you to find out the one who is trying to spam you from the other side.

This technique gives you the power to carry out the reverse phone number investigation and identify the caller regardless of the fact if the number is published or not. The databases contain a collection of numbers with the name of the owner and the address.

The problem gets intensified when a spammer targets a particular person and uses various ways to gather information from them.

The spammer may call you using different numbers at different times and annoy you at odd times. She/he may use numbers lent by some other person who may be a friend or colleague. In these cases, a little knowledge of the internet and smartphones can save your day from getting ruined by such prank callers. The numbers are not only used to find the person behind it. It can also find the device, a smartphone or a landline it is associated with. So a person calling you from different devices can be caught by identifying the devices, the location of the devices or the one holding the ownership of those devices.

Phone lookup services are very simple and easy to use. The user interface guides you through the steps required to complete the tracking process. One just has to enter the number that has been spamming you and the search button has to be hit. The needed information will be displayed right on your screen.

Some of these features are free of cost and can display only basic information about the caller. A detailed instance of the spammer can be obtained by using the paid services that provide you with all the information about them such as exact location and the time zone of their location to reach them and take action against them. Thus, it allows you to decide whether to receive calls from this caller or call them back.

It may be very disturbing as to where did these spammers get your e-mail ids or phone numbers from. Well, your information is stored in the database of websites you are subscribed with. When you sign up at a website, be it an online store or a blog’s newsletter, the e-mail and number you provide are stored in their databases. Many apps want you to log in through your e-mail or your phone number and thus, store your information including the name and date of birth. There is always an exchange of your imperative and private information among these websites and apps which can be used against your privacy.

One must always keep in mind and check the validation of the websites or apps. Providing your personal data blindly can cause you great harm in terms of finances or personally too. The data should always be provided only to the trusted websites or apps and only when needed. Not all websites or blogs are harmful. So checking the genuineness is a smart move.

It is not mandatory for an unknown number displayed on your phone screen to be a spammer or a fraud. It may be one of your long lost acquaintances trying to reach you. It may even be any new colleague in your office. So be careful while you get suspicious and use the call tracking services wisely!