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5189021165, +1 518 902 1165

1 I'm watching you bitch

5189021125, +1 518 902 1125

2 I'm watching you

5126488249, +1 512 648 8249

1 Surprisingly this is a recorded call. I received a voice message on March 16th and again today that are the exact same inquiring if my house was still up for sale. Same exact message - same pauses, etc. When we answer the phone, the caller hangs up!

7028274809, +1 702 827 4809

1 Goddamn pay for prayer bullcrap. Hung up on the scamming bastards.

2087399430, +1 208 739 9430

1 Says from credit card company, but appears to be scam.

3186131346, +1 318 613 1346

1 Got a call from them just a few minutes ago saying that I qualified for a credit card rate reduction

7029708846, +1 702 970 8846

1 SCAM WARNING! - Beware of Kimberly Ellsworth - the Owner of Americas Ad Network (formerly known as SkyNet Ads) - She Scammed me out of $31,400.00. I paid her this sum of money in January of 2017 for the purchase of 5 Digital Billboards - Flat Panel TVs that were to be placed into high traffic...

6602834197, +1 660 283 4197

1 This caller left no message. i called the number back from a different phone and they answered "Divisional Locating Group did you receive a missed call". I just hung up. What kind of nonsense name is that? I then blocked the number on my phone.

5033361931, +1 503 336 1931

1 Callback takes you to "sales and marketing team" who will call back

5039192991, +1 503 919 2991

1 Unknown scammer. Return calls go to generic VM.

8667273904, +1 866 727 3904

1 Scam number

7029863346, +1 702 986 3346

1 Scammer who will tell you they found your lost pet and will ask you to meet them. Don't go.

4157235647, +1 415 723 5647

1 The claim is that you have won a 2017 Mercedes and $185,000. However, you need to pay $75 in order to get some type of receipt to take possession of the vehicle. It’s jist dumb and anyone who goes for it must be brain dead.

6015334908, +1 601 533 4908

1 I guess it could have been a wrong number; I don't know anyone in Bolton MS and this is not an area cell phone NXX.

3369533208, +1 336 953 3208

1 keeps calling but does not leave a message

4232789702, +1 423 278 9702

1 I missed a call from this number. When I called it back the number was no longer in service.

7819082698, +1 781 908 2698

1 Got a text from this number posing as a Wells Fargo message telling me to go to a link to avoid an account suspension. I don't have an account with Wells Fargo. If you receive a similar message and do have one, call Wells Fargo at one of their listed numbers. Do NOT access the link...

6137145076, +1 613 714 5076

1 Saying my name is under a lawsuit case. Spam phone. Be careful.

2022807750, +1 202 280 7750

1 This is the VM I received: “Your serious attention towards this matter ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense now this is the final attempt to reach you. To know your final case...

2155524180, +1 215 552 4180

1 Called and left a 4 minute repeating ("Hey sorry I missed you")