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7862526268, +1 786 252 6268

1 Scam!

8636580344, +1 863 658 0344

1 Texted to me needed a sex partner. is in my neighborhood. Left e mail so I could click on and see them. Did not open e mail and tok my phone to police and they assured me it was a scam. So please beware..

7162728618, +1 716 272 8618

1 claims to be a collection agency demand cash or wire transfer will not give physical address

9725345279, +1 972 534 5279

1 Received a text message from 972-534-5279 in regards to an item I had listed on Kijiji. The caller made me an offer that I accepted and said he would send a cheque and his movers to pick up the item after the cheque cleared the banks. He asked for my Name and address which I gave him. Never heard back. I have full security system and monitored yard. Have checked all credit cards and banking info. All is good. No idea what this guy was after???

9024171296, +1 902 417 1296

1 Robocall saying they had an arrest warrant. I phoned back, got a Hindi accented man in a very noisy callcentre. I asked if they were the "Internal Revenue Service" (America) even though the robovoice said they were Canada Revenue Service (Canada). Dude said he was IRS. Caught in the lie.

5126410505, +1 512 641 0505

1 Austin American Statesman subscription solicitation

2143060184, +1 214 306 0184

1 Multiple calls a day never leaving a voicemail. I believe it is SPAM...

8668169617, +1 866 816 9617

1 Froze my computer and wanted me to call this number to a fix

2543507559, +1 254 350 7559

1 tax department ? or a scam ?

3143459635, +1 314 345 9635

1 St Louis Cardinals - Direct Sales office calling established customers. Answer if you love baseball.

4504973180, +1 450 497 3180

1 It’s a scam. Answered and it was an automated voice message saying that i was being called for tax evasion. The number isn’t connected to the irs or anything so it’s gotta be a scam

8669218963, +1 866 921 8963

1 Carrier Services is a Real and Reputable Company, offering filing services and other customer-related Services.

3362760592, +1 336 276 0592

1 This was from a job search company. It was very obvious it was a computer and had pre-recorded responses. I feel it is a scam on unemployed people looking for work.

4439995206, +1 443 999 5206

1 Commercial sales call; call back and the number is listed as non-working.

8666027807, +1 866 602 7807

1 I just got an email from this company. I haven't applied for anything. It says the company is JJH Finance

8477879791, +1 847 787 9791


8597870190, +1 859 787 0190

1 This number has called my new number every day since we activated it. They never left a message so I finally decided to call them back. They are credit management, debt collector, obviously looking for the person who had my number previously. I told the guy nicely that this is a new number for me and the person they are looking for isn’t associated with this number, please stop calling. He said thanks and hung up. Guess I’ll see if it stops.

8884359490, +1 888 435 9490

1 How to block Private calls on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Open your Phone app as if you were to place a call. Tap on More in the top right corner, then select Settings. Select Call blocking. Select Block list. You can then add a number or a contact to block. Turn on Block anonymous calls to block unknown or private numbers This number is SCAM, called me 3 times about student loan which I don't have and never had, left VM all three times, but asked to call back on 1-888-435-9490 and reference code 50509. Do NOT call it back. If you accidentally answer it, please waste their time with a bunch of stupid questions until they get so frustrate they hang up. If everyone did this, these hacks would have no time to call more than a few people per day limiting any damage they can do preying on people. Finally, block private numbers on your phone so they don't bother you anymore.

3233194416, +1 323 319 4416

1 unwanted phone call

3109079700, +1 310 907 9700

1 Just calls and hang the phone many times