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Did you find a missed call from +1 361 593 6344 or 3615936344? Maybe you know who are calling from those phone numbers? Please share you information! If someone who are calling from those numbers wanted to trick you, annoyingly offered theirs services, ordinary evening did not gave a peace by phone calls – please share your experience and any information you have with all of us.


Rex — 2 months ago

This company has purchased old debt, past 7 years old and tries strong arm tactics and threats to recover debt that has been written off and/or charged off as part of a settlement. Beware of these companies that do this sort of thing. They purchase debt for pennies on the dollar and then make threats to try to recover the old debt. Medical debt is a different animal in the finance world and it cannot ding your credit and once it's settled or charged off all collection efforts should stop by law. They also cannot contact you via your employer (i.e. calling you at work or calling your employer and telling them of your debt.)

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