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Did you find a missed call from +1 502 213 2798 or 5022132798? Sometimes, you may receive some calls from cell phone numbers without remembering the callers. You may try to search for the details which are calling you anxiously. In these cases, reverse phone lookup which will contain the entire phone numbers with customer details listed under the service providers.


ruby123 — 4 months ago

This is a calling center to notify victims of crime that the criminal in question has a parole hearing coming up, are being moved to another facility, etc. The purpose is to offer protection to the victim so they know what's going on. You have to sign up with an email address, phone number and give a pin # so they know it's really you. Likely if you didn't sign up and are getting these calls, someone who was previously assigned your phone number did. They are actually providing a good service and are not spam. If you listen to the message, I believe they will give you another number to contact to speak to someone and cease the calls.

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